Thursday, October 17, 2013

Friday October 18th On #TARDISTweets The Countdown To 50 - Battlefield

Doctor Who: Battlefield By Ben Aaronovitch
DESTROYER: Pitiful. Can this world do no better than you as their champion?
BRIGADIER: Probably. I just do the best I can

The legend of Merlin surrounds the 7th Doctor as he returns to Earth with Ace as the find that a quiet little town is not what it seems.  There is an archeological dig that appears to be King Arthur's final resting place.  This has gotten the attention of others as they have appeared from another dimension to finish the war against Arthur and Morgaine is hell bent on winning this time around. 

The Doctor will not be alone in his battle as he is joined by an old friend.  Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart is called out of retirement to help out UNIT and to arrive in the nick of time to save his old friend The Doctor.  Battlefield would end up being Nicholas Courtney's last appearance in Doctor Who and his last adventure is a fun one to watch.

Join us on Friday October 18th for the 7th  Doctor story Battlefield.  We start at 7:15 PM EST USA/00:15 UK

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