Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday October 11th On #TARDISTweets The Countdown To 50 - Terror of the Vervoids

Doctor Who:
Terror of the Vervoids
By Pip and Jane Baker

VALEYARD: Whether or not the Doctor has proved himself innocent of meddling is no longer the cardinal issue before this court. He has proved himself guilty of a far greater crime.
INQUISITOR: You refer to Article seven of Gallifreyan law?
DOCTOR: No, my lady, that cannot apply! Had a single Vervoid reached Earth, the human race would have been eliminated!
VALEYARD: Article seven permits no exceptions. The Doctor has destroyed a complete species. The charge must now be genocide.

The Doctor is now ready to present his case after a short time to mourn the death of Peri shows the court an adventure from his future.  The Doctor and new companion Mel respond to a distress signal from the Hyperion 3.  Apparently there is something sinister going on as a string of murders has taken place.  The Commodore is an old friend of The Doctor and lets him take charge of the investigation.

That is not the only strange occurrence going on as there appears to be some strange seed pods in the cargo deck.   In fact the pods are big enough for a human to fit in them.  Mel wanted to see them but is stopped by a member of the crew who decides to show her the pods.  He proceeds to open the gate when he is electrocuted and that bright light has brought to life the creatures inside the pods.  Now more people have started to disappear and and there are leaves being left at the scene.  The Doctor now has two mysteries and the task of saving everyone on the ship and preventing the Vervoids from getting to Earth and killing the entire population.

Join us on Friday October 11th for the 6th  Doctor story Terror of the Vervoids.  We start at 7:15 PM EST USA/00:15 UK

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