Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This Friday June 14 On #TARDISTweets The Face of Evil

The Doctor lands on a planet that has two tribes that are at war with each other.  There he meets Leela who says he is the Evil One.  The Doctor has a strange feeling he has been here before as he is recognized by the Sevateem as being Xoanon.   The Sevateem call The Doctor the evil one also as it appears The Doctor is a dead ringer for their god.  

The Doctor and Leela head to the clearing beyond and they happen to see The Doctor’s likeness carved into the mountain.  It appears The Doctor has been here before and he apparently was with the Tesh inside that mountain where The Doctor must have left his personality in the computer Xoanon and it has caused it to be confused and homicidal and its up to The Doctor to set Xoanon right.

 So join us this Friday at 7:15 PM EDT USA/00:15 UK for The Face of Evil

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