Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday July 12th On #TARDISTweets The Happiness Patrol

The Doctor and Ace arrive on the planet Terra Alpha where sadness is against the law and if you are found guilty you are put to death.  Helen A is in charge of Terra Nova and rules with an iron fist with her Happiness Patrol and the devious Kandy Man who likes to execute the Killjoys with fondant surprise. Terra Nova had a population problem but Trevor Sigma is baffled on the disappearance of a majority of the population since the last time he did the census which was six cycles ago. 

The Doctor is poking around investigating and befriends a harmonica player Earl Sigma who likes to play the Blues but that is illegal on Terra Nova because it is sad music and not happy enough.  The Doctor also discover the natural inhabitants of Terra Nova the Pipe People who seem to hunted all the time by Helen A’s dog Fifi who is a savage dog that hunts and kills it prey.  Another thing The Doctor has to worry about is that Ace has been taken prisoner and will be auditioning for the Grand Order of the Happiness Patrol.  The problem The Doctor has with that is it will be a miracle that Ace survives that.

So join us this Friday at 7:15 PM EDT USA/00:15 UK for The Happiness Patrol

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