Saturday, May 25, 2013

This Friday May 31st On #TARDISTweets The Seeds of Doom

The Doctor and Sarah are sent to Antarctica on behalf of the World Ecology Bureau to investigate a mysterious pod that has been uncovered there.  The Doctor believes the pod is from outer space and is extremely dangerous.  Unbeknown to The Doctor Harrison Chase also wants the pod for his elaborate collection of plants and flowers.  He is a plant fanatic and prefers his plants to people.  He sends his goon squad to Antarctica to retrieve the pod no matter the cost.

What both group does not know is that the pod has opened and infected one of the crew of the Antarctica base causing him to cry out in pain and collapse.  He soon starts evolving into some sort of plant like creature and starts killing the other members of the base.  The Doctor and Sarah discover there is a second pod and they do not want Scorby to find it and give it to Chase.   Scorby does find it and him and Keeler plan to head off to give it to Chase but before they do that they tie up The Doctor and Sarah and set a bomb to destroy the base.  But the Krynoid is still free and roaming around looking for people to eat and a place that is warm.   The Doctor and Sarah escape before the bomb goes off destroying the base and the Krynoid in it also.  But there are more pressing matters as the pair need to get back to England and prevent Chase from infecting someone and setting the Krynoid loose on the entire world.

So join us this Friday at 7:15 PM EDT USA/00:15 UK for The Seeds of Doom

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