Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This Friday April 5th On #TardisTweets "Robot"

The newly regenerated Doctor is sent to the infirmary and to the care of Lieutenant Harry Sullivan.   The Doctor seems a bit out of it since he regenerated after battling the Spiders of Metabillis 3 and while he is recuperating Sarah Jane asks The Brigadier for a pass to Think Tank.  Think Tank is a place where scientists are working on new inventions to help out the human race.   Sarah Jane has her suspicions about Think Tank and wants to poke around and see if she can find something out.

Meanwhile plans and components to make a disintegrator gun have been getting stolen.  The thing is no one knows who is stealing the components but whoever it maybe is really big and heavy as during its escape it left quite the footprint in the ground.   While snooping around Think Tank Sarah Jane slips on what could be oil on the floor.  She gets thinking about the robotics that was explained to her and decides to take a side trip to see Professor Kettlewell.  He explains to Sarah that the Robot he was working on was dismantled and is not still in operation.  Sarah Jane then returns to Think Tank and there she is confronted by a Robot. In fact the one Robot that has been responsible for all the robberies and doing it all for the Scientific Reform Society.

The Scientific Reform Society wants to take over the world and shape it in their image.  Not only did the Robot steal the plans for the disintegrator gun but the launch codes for the three major powers nuclear missiles.  So it’s up to the new Doctor and the Brigadier to stop the Robot and the Scientific Reform Society from launching the nukes and taking over the world.

Join us Friday April 5th at 7:15 Pm EDT US/ 00:15 UK and we press play 15 minutes later.

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