Monday, March 11, 2013

TardisTweets This Week The Edge of Destruction and The Green Death

This week we go back to the 1st season of Doctor Who with the William Hartnell Classic The Edge of Destruction.  This story is unique as it is so far the only story to take place in the TARDIS.  Something has gone wrong with the TARDIS and in its own way is trying tell the passengers about it.  It is a tale of mystery and mistrust and a classic. So join us on Friday at 7:15 PM EDT US/ 11:15 PM UK.

This Sunday is St. Patricks Day and what a good reason to go green and watch Jon Pertwee's The Green Death.  This story is symbolic as being the last story that Katy Manning played Jo Grant until her return in Death of The Doctor on The Sarah Jane Adventures.  So join us as we go green and watch some killer maggots on Sunday at 2:45 PM EDT US/ 6:45PM UK.

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