Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tardis Tweets This Week Tooth & Claw and Battlefield

This Week we have two stories that deal with British monarchs in a way.  On Friday (7:15 PM ET US / 00:15 UK) we have the David Tennant story Tooth and Claw as The 10th Doctor and Rose try and save Queen Victoria from a group of assassin monks and their secret weapon a werewolf.   It's up to The Doctor and a really silly and annoying Rose to save the Queen as they try and get her say her signature saying we are not amused.

On Sunday (2:45 PM ET US/ 7:45 PM UK )  it's the Sylvester McCoy story from season 26 Battlefield.  The legend of King Arthur is alive and well in present day England as The Doctor who is recognized as Merlin by Mordred. In this story The Doctor and Ace are joined by the Brigadier who is played for the last time in Doctor Who by Nicholas Courtney. 

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