Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Enter the Master

It was a dark and stormy night, or at least it should have been, when the Timelords broke the news to the Doctor that another renegade Timelord was coming to earth.  That Timelord was the Master.


Played by Roger Delgado, the Master would go on to haunt Pertwee's Doctor for the entire season, and numerous serials to come.  But it all started with Terror of the Autons.  But unlike the highly popular Spearhead from Space that aired a year prior, the Autons in this story take back seat to the newest super villain who would haunt the Doctor through the remains of the original series, and into the revived series.


Just as Pertwee was my first Doctor, Delgado was my first Master.  As such, all other actors who came after paled in comparison to Delgado's general sense of malicious superiority.  The Master provided a perfect foil to Pertwee's Doctor.

Terror of the Autons.jpg

But as we walk of Terror of the Autons, we also need to point out another major character who entered the series with this story.  For this was Jo Grant's entry story.  A strong contrast to the highly scientific Liz Shaw from season 7, Jo provided the Doctor an outlet to explain what was going on, while also providing the human element that the third Doctor frequently chose to criticize.


In the end, this was the start of the golden era of the UNIT story.  With 5 out of 6 serials for the season featuring the reoccurring cast of the Doctor, Jo, the Brigadier, Benton, Yates and the Master, the interaction between these actors made the charactors family for the viewers.


So join us this Friday for the classic Pertwee story, Terror of the Autons.  TARDIS doors open at 7:15PM EST, 00:15 BST, and we press play at 7:30 PM EST, 00:30 BST.  Join us, but be careful which chair you set in . . .

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