Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Doctor Who The Visitation

This Friday we hark back to Peter Davison's first season with The Visitation.  A story that takes place during the plague in England among other things.  While trying to get Tegan back home the TARDIS drops our travelers 300 years to early.  While there they discover that there is something alien going on.  It seems a ship carrying Terileptils has crashed landed on Earth.  Seizing their chance to use the villagers fear against them they disguise their robot as death.  Soon the Doctor discovers that the Terileptils are going to use a poison to be carried by rats to kill everyone on Earth so the Terileptils can take it over.

The Visitation has a historical point to it.  For in this story The Doctor's sonic screwdriver is destroyed and never seen again in the Classic Series. John Nathan-Turner thought it was a gimic and a crutch for the writers to use and decided to get rid of it. So they wrote it out of the show by having the Terileptils destroy it. It would not be scene again until the new series when the 9th Doctor uses it in Rose.

The Visitation isn't a bad story as it is a pretty decent monster story.  If it had a fault it would be the fact that there were to many characters.  One of the many pitfalls of the 5th Doctor era is his many companions at one time.  Someone would be left out but in The Visitation this is handled pretty well as everyone has ample things to do.

The Visitation is a favorite of mine, well, being a 5th Doctor story I am biased about that as most of you know Peter Davison is my favorite Doctor.  I just like the whole story basically and how they tie in historical events within the story.  Plus how could you not like Richard Mace who I think steals the show.  I believe he would have made an interesting companion for the 5th Doctor.

So join us Friday the 15th of February at 7:15PM EST US/00:15 UK for the Peter Davison story The Visitation.

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