Sunday, January 6, 2013


Before UNIT, before Chameleons invaded, and before War Machines rampaged the streets of London, the Doctor faced his most famous enemy in the 22nd century streets of London.  Fresh into the series second year, the most famous monsters from Doctor Who's original season returned.  And even though the episode takes place in the future, with the brilliant location shooting the Daleks rolling along in front of Parliament and other British landmarks brought this story home for many a childhood fan of the show.


The last time the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan ran into these aggressive pepper pots, the Daleks were stuck to the streets of their city on Skaro.  However no longer limited by power constraints, the evil aliens now roam freely across the planet, aided by their enslaved henchmen, the Robomen.  But what are the Dalek's ultimate plan?  Why have they enslaved humanity, and what can the Doctor do to stop them?


As the story unwinds, we also begin to see the telltale signs of the first exodus from the series.  For this is the last serial to feature the Doctor's granddaughter Susan.  In a tradition that leads to the show's longevity almost as much as the Doctor's regeneration, we see the first companion leave, setting up space for a new actress to come in during the next episode.  But unlike so many later times when the companion decides they've had enough of their travels, the Doctor makes Susan's choice for her, leading to a touching speech by the Doctor long remembered, and brought back for the 20th anniversary special.


So join us this Friday for Dalek Invasion of Earth.  Tardis doors open at 7:15EST, 0015BST, and we press play 15 minutes later.  Hope to see you there for the invasion.

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