Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Mr. and Mrs. David Tennant In The Doctor's Daughter

After stopping the Sontarans from turning the Earth in a clone hatchery The Doctor, Martha, and Donna find themselves is an out of control TARDIS which lands them on Messaline and right in the middle of war between the humans and The Hath.  But that isn’t the only thing that happens to The Doctor.  It looks like he also directly creates his own daughter when his hand is put in a Progenation machine.

The Doctor’s Daughter is one of those Doctor Who stories where there are two types of species fighting a war that they have no idea why they are fighting it as it has lasted for a very long time.  What we do know is that both groups are trying to get to the source which appears to be a great weapon when in reality it is not.  What it turns out to be is a terraforming machine which was supposed to help them colonize the planet.  

The Doctor’s Daughter was another of those stories that also dealt with violence and how to stop someone by not killing them.  There are a few good scenes where The Doctor tries to explain this to Jenny about not using violence and to not kill because that is not what he would do.  It is another of the tried and true formulas that is used over again on Doctor Who.

There is a really great scene at the end when Jenny is killed by General Cobb and then The Doctor confronts Cobb with the gun as he points it at Cobb and then lowers it.  He then says a great line “I never would” and then tells both armies to make the foundation of their new society be that of the man who never would.  A great moment in the shows history and definitely a bright point to a story that is well just mediocre.

That’s the problem with The Doctor’s Daughter is that it is just an ordinary story that has the dubious notion of having The Doctor making a clone daughter.  Otherwise it isn’t all that special it is just mediocre and well a bit of a filler.  Plus did we really need to have Martha in this story at all as she didn’t add much to the story as she was just left outside with a Hath walking around looking for a way back in.  At least Freema got paid for it.

The Doctor’s Daughter a story with some good moments in it but as a story as a whole it is just ordinary and very mediocre.

So Join Us on Sunday as we watch Mr. and Mrs. David Tennant in The Doctor's Daughter at 7:45PM UK and  2:45 PM EST USA.

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