Monday, January 14, 2013

Goodbye 10 - The End of Time

Whenever an actor decides to leave the role of The Doctor there is lots of fanfare, sadness and excitement.  In fact it becomes an event in itself as everyone is anxious to see what makes The Doctor regenerate and what the new guy would be like in the few minutes we get to see of the new Doctor.  Well David Tennants departure was no exception as The End of Time was one of those farewells that ended up being quite epic.

Well where to start.  The End of Time gives us the return of The Master as he was resurrected from his ring and in a witch craft type ceremony.  We had The Doctor being warned of this return while visiting the Oodsphere and watching a vision from one of the Ood high priests but that all pales in comparison to the return of Gallifrey and the Timelords and of Rassilon himself.   Plus there is the reveal of who knocks 4 times and the biggest farewell tour in Doctor Who’s history.

The End of Time paired The Doctor with Donna’s grandfather Wilf.  I liked this pairing as the two shared a lot of heartwarming moments together.  It makes me wish that the two of them had a longer time together to have a few adventures. I’m sure it would have been something.  John Simm returns as the Master and gives us another crazy performance.  I always preferred the more serious Master portrayals and kind of wished RTD allowed John Simm to act more serious as The Master instead of writing him the way he did.

The End of Time gave us the return of the Timelords and they were led by none other than former James Bond Timothy Dalton.   It appears the whole plot that was hatched in The Masters head was a part of Rassilons plan to return Gallifrey from the time loop they were prisoned in.  The problem is Gallifrey would be returning right where Earth is and take it over thus destroying it.  But it was in fact The Master that foils Rassilons plans in the long run sending Rassilon and the Timelords back into the abyss of the Time Loop.

At times The End of Time comes across as a complex story that has possibly too much going on.  Lots of sub plots going on that it is easy to forget what is going on.  But the main thing is the end of the 10th Doctor’s era.  The story is a nice ending to a Doctor who is pretty popular and giving him this epic story was a nice and fitting send off.  You almost feel sorry for him after he saves the day and he thinks he has made it until he hears Wilf knocking those dreaded four knocks.  But in true Doctor form and after a Hamletesque performance The Doctor sacrifices himself to save his friend.  After all it was what you would expect from The Doctor.  Whether it be a whole planet or one person you knew The Doctor would risk it all for Wilf.

The End of Time has one of the longest and heartfelt goodbyes in the shows history.  I for one liked seeing The Doctor saying farewell to his friends that joined him on his travels.  Plus you also got a sense that they knew he was saying goodbye and that’s what made it even more touching and sad. The End of Time is a fitting farewell to the 10th Doctor and well an even grander entrance for the 11th Doctor.

So join us this Friday as we say goodbye to the 10th Doctor in The End of Time. The Tardis Doors will open at 7:15 PM EST USA and 00:15 UK.

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