Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Closing Time by @shelly_gage

Two hundred years have passed for the Doctor since he left Amy & Rory in their new home at the end of "The God Complex."  He's making a farewell tour before traveling to Lake Silencio to face his death.  As part of his journey, he stops to see Craig (last seen in "The Lodger"). 
Craig's gone domestic!
 Craig is living with Sophie in a new home (the Doctor doesn't like the decor) and trying to care for their infant son, Alfie, while she's away for the weekend.  When he sees the Doctor, Craig's convinced that he's investigating something.  The Doctor prepares to leave but when he notices a strange electrical disturbance, he decides to stick around and investigate.
Best toy-store clerk EVER!
Craig next encounters the Doctor in the toy department of a large department store.  The store, the Doctor reveals, is the source of the strange electrical disturbances.  A malfunctioning lift transports them to a cyber ship and they narrowly escape a Cyberman.  Back upstairs, the Doctor catches a glimpse of Amy and Rory shopping.  He hides, watching as Amy, who is apparently a model now, signs an autograph for a little girl.
Later, the Doctor and Craig sneak into the store after hours to continue investigating and discover that the store has rats Cybermats! 
Be vewy quiet, we're hunting... Cybermats!
The Doctor disables the Cybermat and take it home, where it reactivates.  The Doctor is able to stop it before they are killed and reprograms it to trace the source of the cyber signal.  The Doctor leaves to follow the signal and Craig follows with Alfie. 
Uh-oh - the Doctor's been captured!

Leaving his son upstairs, Craig pursues the Doctor to the cyber ship.  He's about to be converted into a Cyberman but, hearing Alfie's cries and remembering how much he loves his son allows him to reverse the process.  The Cybermen are flooded with his emotions and this unlocks their own suppressed emotions.  They are overwhelmed and destroyed.  Craig has killed them with love.
It's Craig vs. the Cybermen
The Doctor, Craig, and Alfie return to Craig's home, where the Doctor tells him that Alfie has more respect for his father now.  He leaves shortly before Sophie returns home, encountering a group of children near his TARDIS.  He tells them that he's the Doctor, and he came to help. 
Centuries later, River Song, doctor of archaeology, reads the eyewitness accounts from these children.  She's interrupted by the arrival of Madame Kovarian and a group of the Silence.  Kovarian tells River that she still belongs to them, and she'll be the one to destroy the Doctor.  The Silence force her into the augmented spacesuit in preparation for taking her to Lake Silencio.

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