Thursday, December 6, 2012

Voyage Of The Damned by @cheezypeas

Oh Doctor, perhaps you should have have reactivated the TARDIS shields?

After a little bit of repair work, the Doctor decides to go aboard to find this isn't the ill fated ocean liner, but a spaceship cruiser throwing a Christmas eve party The Doctor cannot refuse.

 The Doctor bumps into Astrid, a waitress with a passion to travel the stars. The Doctor gets to know her, and sneaks her off via a teleport for a little trip to London.

The trip is cut short due to problems with the ships power. The Doctor realises they are approaching meteors with their shields down. Perhaps this Titanic does have potentially fatal similarities to its oceanic counterpart. The android 'servants' begin to 'malfunction', and the owner Max Capricorn isn't all that he seems.

The Meteors hit, causing death and destruction, The Doctor manages to prevent the ship crashing into Buckingham Palace, and begins his desperate fight to prevent any more tragedy. He learns that Max is the culprit, and is hell bent on avenging the board of Directors, who are prejudiced against cyborgs like himself.

Another Doctor Who story with a Douglas Adams influence, the original title for the story was Starship Titanic, but subsequently renamed after it was noted Adams had written a novel of the same name. Both the plot for this story and his novel have a lot of similarities, plus a nod to The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy can be found within this story.

This episode was dedicated to the late great Verity Lambert, who sadly passed away a month before the special was broadcast.

Astrid being an anagram of TARDIS caused a lot of speculation as to her true identity, however this was not to be the case. You could argue however, the anagram is significant with Astrid's fate and desire to travel the stars.....

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