Monday, December 10, 2012

The Next Doctor

Throughout the early years of Doctor Who, the series did several stories where the Doctor unintentionally bent the laws of time and met himself (usually involving the late great Patrick Troughton.)  However, in each of these cases it is the current Doctor who is having an encounter with his former self.  With the Next Doctor, the series takes an interesting look at the other side of the coin.  What would happen if the current Doctor met his future self.  As if this wasn't an interesting enough concept, through in some Cybermen, and a Victorian Christmas, and you have the makings of a great episode.


David Morrissey proves an excellent choice for the Doctor's potential future.  And despite the truth behind the story, one is left almost hoping that David could return as a future rendition of the Doctor.  The whole amnesia plot line leaves one wondering what might have happened to the Doctor, and your heart reaching out for the poor lost Timelord. 


In much the same way, Dervla Kirwan makes an excellent advisory.  Dark, devious, and yet deluded by the Cyberman's ultimate intentions, one almost feels sorry for her as the Cyberman's final plans come to play. 

So join us for the Next Doctor, the next Christmas story in the TARDIS Tweet line up.  TARDIS doors open at 7:15PM EST, 0015 BST, and we press play at 7:30PM EST, 0030 BST.

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