Monday, November 19, 2012

What's better than a Doctor story? A Three Doctor Story.

49 years ago, on November 23rd, a legend was discovered in a junk yard on Totter's Lane.  10 years later, the series celebrated its first major anniversary with a special episode, bringing back Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell.  This would be the only time the series could bring back it's original star, due to Hartnell's decling health.  The story did not disappoint.

When we last saw the Doctor, he was still exiled on Earth, helping out UNIT with unusual alien invasions.  So when a mysterious object falls from the sky, and some locals start going missing, it seems like a typical day at the office.  However, what the Doctor doesn't realize is the source of the object is a black hole that holds a dark connection to his own people's past.  The Timelords need his help.

This is the first view of the Timelords since the series changing War Games episode which lead to Troughton's regeneration.  It's also the first time the Doctor's home planet is named, Gallifrey.  But more than either of these, the first stories of the ancient Timelord origins come out with the story of Omega.

But beyond the black hole / anti matter plot concepts, and the fun of another classic UNIT story, we get a real look into the troubled psyche of the Doctor.  Faced with working with himself, instead of settling in, the Doctor can't put aside his differences, choosing to feel superior to his prior and post selves.  A psychiatrist would have a field day with these issues.  And might I add, issues that make the insults between Troughton and Pertwee hillarious.  But once the Doctor can put his differences aside (partially through a kick in the rear from his first self), nothing can stand in his way.

So join us for the 49th anniversary of Doctor Who by remembering the 10th anniversary and this classic tale.  The Three Doctors, TARDIS doors opening at 7:15 PM EST / 0015 BST, and pressing play at 7:30 PM EST / 0030 BST.

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  1. Um...

    We'd seen Time Lords for the first time since The War Games in Terror of The Autons. Gallifrey was first named the following year in The Time Warrior. Also, Time Lord is two words, not one.