Friday, November 23, 2012

The Five Doctors by @cheezypeas

"A man is the sum of his memories, you know... A Time Lord even more so"

So, a year away from the shows 50th birthday and here we are celebrating arguably, one of the most loved stories from its 20th year.

So, the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough find themselves admiring the beauty of the Eye of Orion when suddenly, the Doctor becomes unwell. He can feel his memories, the very essence of his existence fading. He finds his past in great danger and encounters all bar one of his previous incarnations on Gallifrey, within the death zone.

After a run in with The Master, the Fifth Doctor finds himself in the capitol with the High Council. There he is informed the energy from the eye of harmony has been drained, hence the disruption in time putting the Doctor and Gallifrey in danger. However he's suspicious of President Borusa, and is keen to find out whats really going on.

The other Doctors find one of their companions or colleagues have also been transported there, and as they set off to the Dark Tower for safety, they encounter many of their old enemies. This includes The Master, who is strangely keen to assist the Doctors.

The Doctors wonder although Rassilon is dead, is he somehow creating this problem? Or The Master? Or maybe someone a little closer to home......

The production for such a auspicious occasion had overseas funding, particularly from Australia. It is also the first story to have its premier abroad. It is also a Children in Need special, not from any specific series, although it is Fifth Doctor based and followed on after the last story in season 20.

Unfortunately, the story was thwart with problems. Firstly, William Hartnell had passed away. The production team toyed with the idea of using old footage of the First Doctor, but they decided to asked the talented Richard Hurndall to portray the First Doctor instead. Richard himself tragically passed away after the first episode aired.

Then there was Tom Baker. As he pulled out of the story altogether just as the first draft was completed, the production team faced another problem. Again, they considered old footage of the Fourth Doctor and decided to use a scene from the incomplete story Shada. The story was then rewritten so the Fourth Doctor was trapped in a time eddy within the space time continuum. The publicity shots with a wax work model of Tom Baker made for some amusing candid shots.

Uncle Terry (Terrance Dicks) originally wrote the story, although it was widely known he was displeased with the alterations made by the script editor Eric Saward, particularly the 'overuse' of cybermen. For those of you regular to our sessions, you will be saddened to learn Quarks were destined to be in this story, but were replaced last minute by a deadly Raston Warrior Robot!

This story is a firm favourite, and it is debatable if any other anniversary stories could ever match this one. We will have to see what Moffat has planned for next year....

So join us for this fantastic anniversary story this Sunday, and just remember, its as easy as Pi!

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