Monday, November 26, 2012

It's FOAMTASTIC! by @shelly_gage

Everything is going swimmingly on Earth as the operators of the T-Mat system, directed by Commander Radnor and his assistant, Miss Kelly, keep supplies moving around the planet. 
Radnor & Kelly.  He might be the boss, but she's the one who really knows what's going on.  How typical!

Unfortunately for them, the relay station on the moon is about to be taken over by some  raspy-voiced baddies, with the result being that the entire T-Mat system is taken offline.  People immediately begin starving on Earth as there's no way to move about the needed supplies of food and medicine and apparently no one kept any extra supplies for emergencies. 
Ice Warriors!  There goes the moon!

Fortunately though, Miss Kelly and her awesome pony-tail will remain unruffled.  Even more fortunately, the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe have just turned up on Earth in a museum dedicated to now-obsolete rocket technology.  The bitter rocket scientist who works there is persuaded to help them and they launch the last rocket to the moon to sort out what's going wrong with the relay station. 
Fly me to the moon!

Meanwhile, the menacing Ice Warriors have begun sewing their "seeds of death" across the Earth, using the T-Mat system to deliver them.  These innocent-looking seed pods contain a fungus which is deadly to humans, though harmless to the Martians.  With them, the Ice Warriors plan to exterminate the human population and take over the world!
I wonder what this could be.

The Doctor and Zoe work with the well-coiffed Miss Kelly and her colleagues to thaw out the evil Ice Warriors and foil their plans to subject all of humanity to death by foamy fungus!  Oh, and Jamie tags along too.
Jamie! I told you not to use so much detergent!
Join us this Friday, November 30th, for all the foamtastic fun of The Seeds of Death!  The TARDIS doors will open at 7:15pm EST/00:15 BST and we'll press play at 7:30/00:30.

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